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Please refer to the daily and hourly rates here. Note that working times includes not only design services but also consulting and project management tasks such as coordination, calls, and presentations.

Working hours are weekdays in between 9am and 6pm.

Hourly Rate

120€ / 1h for design consulting or other urgent request. Please note that this is the minimum charge for any service provided. Each additional started hour is billed at the full hourly rate.

Half Day / 4h

400€ / 4h for short term projects.

Full Day / 8h

600€ / 8h for a full day project scheduled minimum 3 days in advance. 


500€ / day for projects that have a minimum budget of 5 days (2.500€) and are scheduled minimum two weeks in advance.

All prices are listed excluding the german VAT of 19%.

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