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I wanted to create an app that attracts people to go to the supermarket more often. Also it should make them buy products that are new to them and that they wouldn’t buy normally.

To create this I developed an idea for an augmented reality app like „Pokemon Go“. I call this app „Martmon“. You can collect cute monsters by entering grocery stores and buying certain products.


It could be an app in collaboration with one certain supermarket chain. It could also work for different markets.


The app connects with your camera and location and shows you the way to the closest „Martmon“. It gives you hints where to find it.

If you get close enough you will see the „Martmon“ in front of a certain product.

These should always be one of these special weekly discount products that every supermarket has.

By buying the product and scanning your receipt you can collect (unlock) the Martmon in your app.


Now you can treat it like a pet. This would work a bit like tamagotchi. You can feed it, play with it, pet it and decorate it.


Every time you enter a „Martmon“ supermarket you get points. With these points you can buy some extras like treats or outfits for your monsters.

So even without buying the „Martmon“ product, going to the supermarket more often is profitable to you.

2D Character Design Illustration von Good Vibes Berlin das Design Studio für Motion Graphics, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Branding und Illustration von Freelancer Ariane Gebhardt
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